Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're sure about Climate Change this time

The Boston Globe reveals some contradictions from Newsweek on Global Warming:

INTRODUCING Newsweek's Aug. 13 cover story on global warming
"denial," editor Jon Meacham brings up an embarrassing blast from his magazine's
past: an April 1975 story about global cooling, and the coming ice age that
scientists then were predicting. Meacham concedes that "those who doubt that
greenhouse gases are causing significant climate change have long pointed to the
1975 Newsweek piece as an example of how wrong journalists and researchers can
be." But rather than acknowledge that the skeptics may have a point, Meacham
dismisses it.
"On global cooling," he writes, "there was never anything even
remotely approaching the current scientific consensus that the world is growing
warmer because of the emission of greenhouse gases."
Really? Newsweek took
rather a different line in 1975. Then, the magazine reported that scientists
were "almost unanimous" in believing that the looming Big Chill would mean a
decline in food production, with some warning that "the resulting famines could
be catastrophic." Moreover, it said, "the evidence in support of these
predictions" -- everything from shrinking growing seasons to increased North
American snow cover -- had "begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists
are hard-pressed to keep up with it."
Yet Meacham, quoting none of this,
simply brushes aside the 1975 report as "alarmist" and "discredited." Today, he
assures his readers, Newsweek's climate-change anxieties rest "on the safest of
scientific ground."

I think they're trying to sell the messenger more than the message.Another "fake but accurate" report from the MSM!