Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Grassroots Mobilize for the Troops

Michelle Malkin details how the faithful are rallying to stand behind the President and the War Effort:

Across the country, ordinary Americans–I’m talking about
grass-roots activists without George Soros funding–are gearing up to bring the
fight over the war to Washington. Summer’s over.
Iraq tops the agenda as Congress returns. Next
week will bring a historic clash of activists.
Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward are on
their way, leading a cross-country caravan.
Check out the driving route to see if they’ll be
stopping by a town near year on their journey to answer the ANSWER mob.
Catherine Moy reports that Democrat Party organs
ain’t happy.
Eagles are preparing. Vets for
are mobilizing.

No more 9/11s is the goal! God bless you all for your support, in the frontlines and on the homefront.

And did you sign the Petition at Victory Caucus? Show your support today!