Thursday, September 27, 2007

Obey Links MoveOn to McCarthyism

That's Democrat Congressman David Obey, who was speaking during a House vote to condemn the Liberal for its recent NY Times ad attacking General David Petraeus. Via GovExec:

Born into a Republican family "in the state of Joe McCarthy," Obey said one reason he switched parties was one of his teachers was impugned as a "Bolshevik" during the Red Scare. "To this day there's nothing that gets my dander up more than someone having their patriotism questioned," Obey said.

Just as he opposed McCarthyite tactics from the right, "I've got an obligation to be equally upset when that kind of juvenile attack emanates from the left," Obey said.

The vote was a crushing 341-79 in favor of condemning MoveOn, with many Democrats striking the death blow to the radical activists.