Friday, September 28, 2007

Sea Links

Guided missile destroyer USS Halsey tested the Navy's latest version of the Tomahawk cruise missile recently. US Navy Photo

Navy’s Barracks Looks Like Giant Swastika from the Air.

China's strategic post in the Persian Gulf.

Forrest Sherman Exercises With South African Navy.

Navy to Unveil New Maritime Strategy.

Dutch Release Details of Their New OPVs.

Boeing Delivers First Production EA-18G Growler to US Navy.

USS Zumwalt contract goes to Maine.

Students win Sikorsky Prize for submarine helicopter.

USS Halsey Tests Block IV Tomahawk.

LCS Mission Package Attacks Small Boat Threat.

Northrop Grumman carrier said to face cost overruns.

Iranian Underwater Warfare Capabilities.

Navy looks at SC site for anti-submarine training range.