Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blinded by the Right

I am HORRIFIED that some self-styled Republicans are using the racial card to deflect debate over the very real problems of our times. Earlier I heard Mort Kondrake on the Beltway Boys express the common sentiment of those on the left, that those against illegal immigration, amnesty, and open borders are racist. Glenn Reynolds points to a Pat Buchanan editorial (via Classical Values) that insinuates those who are against the radicals within the Muslim communities hate all followers of Islam, also a common talking point among many Democrats. I think it sad because these are supposed to be highly educated commentators, who despite the fact that bogus charges of racism often bring about tensions and violence, as seen in the Duke Lacrosse and Jena 6 episodes, they flippantly bring these accusations against fellow Republicans.

In this day and age, personal opinions and petty animosities trump reality. Meanwhile, the problems on our border remain unsolved, and the terrorists are emboldened by social politicians who are sympathetic towards them because of their color, while being blind to their radical actions. Will we ever have the color blind society in this country, that Martin Luther King fought and died for?