Sunday, October 07, 2007

Democrats hearts the Troops

Thinking about the "phony soldier" attacks on Rush Limbaugh and what it says about contemporary Democrats. A common consensus seems to be its payback time after the embarrassing vote in which Congressional Republicans managed to shame their liberal colleagues into condemning for it's slanderous "Betray Us" ad.

Maybe so, but its also telling how sensitive liberals are on the subject of Patriotism, and the extent they will go to convince the public they still support the troops. Can you imagine the radicals of the 60's (all grown up now and probably representing your district in Washington) caring what the public thinks on this subject? More likely than not they would try to distance themselves from any and all things military, even joining publicly with our enemies as Jane Fonda did in Hanoi. But so far, not this generation of liberals. Maybe there's hope yet for this country.