Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Forces are in Place" to Bomb Iran

That's author and Rudy Giuliani advisor Norman Podhoretz view, and I think he's right. From the New York Observer:

"The forces are in place and all you have to say is 'go.' said Podhoretz, a father of neoconservatism and a senior advisor to Rudy Giuliani. "You could wake up tomorrow morning" and it could be done.

After acknowledging that he was not a military man, Podhoretz offered that the attack should be carried out by air, with no commitment of ground troops, and the sooner the better.

But the CIA says it will be years before Iran has the bomb, right?

"The CIA says five years. The CIA has been wrong about everything. I don't see why we should think that they are right about this. Some Israelis I know say nine months - a year before the point of no return is reached. I think the responsible course is to accept the low-ball estimate."

I keep thinking of how emboldened the anti-war Left was during the Nixon Administration after he invaded Cambodia in 1970 on what seemed like at the time good reasons. All it led to though, was Hanoi 1975 and the communist victory there. Of course, the Viet Cong wasn't building nukes, were they?

Update-Some good non-bombing news. Walid Phares says "Today's U.S. Treasury Department revelation of financial measures being taken against the Iranian military can only be described as a strategic masterstroke against the heart of the Iranian regime."