Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ford Endorses Giuliani

Just in time for Halloween, from the Great Beyond? No silly, before the ex-president's death. NY Daily News reveals what he said:

"That would be a great contest between Hillary and Rudy," the 92-year-old former President told a reporter in May 2006. "I think Giuliani is an electrifying guy," he added. "He's a great speaker. He's had a good record of winning in New York City, and he can be tough."

...Before his death in December 2006, however, Ford was asked by an old friend to predict who the Republican nominee would be.
He smiled and replied: "Well, if they want to win, Giuliani.

I believe Gerry may have something there. If only the rest of the GOP realizes this, and forget about chasing rainbows such as the next Ronald Reagan. Great leaders like Reagan only happen once in a generation, but George Bush is finishing his work of spreading freedom. Rudy can keep the revolution going.