Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The GOP's Clinton Candidate

Rudy Giuliani will likely hate me for this comparison, but believe it or not, I mean this in a good way. Like many on the Left (the moderates?) may feel about the former President Clinton, we on the Right love Rudy's vision, but cringe at some of his personal views. He inspires us when we hear him speak, and we get excited that there is still hope left for the Reagan Revolution, all the while we disagree with him on major issues such as immigration, gay marriage, and abortion. I can already imagine the Democrats sharpening their political knives, waiting to skewer Giuliani on these same issues and the discrepancies they give to our movement, as soon as its clear he will be the Party's presidential nominee.

Yet, still we can't help but love Rudy, and not just for his leadership on 9/11. Then, he inspired the city of New York, and in turn motivated the nation for the tough War on Terror soon to come. He continues his message of hope and inspiration every where he goes. Just as President Bush gave us this vision to continue the fight against the destroyers of the Twin Towers, Rudy personifies this Vision.

Where Bush often fails to articulate his message to the Public (though it has become clear to enemy), Giuliani is the Master of the sound bite. This was proven when he went after fellow GOP candidate Ron Paul in a early debate, after the latter dared to blame America for the terrorist attacks. Later, he went on the offensive against MoveOn.org, when the radical Liberal group attacked the integrity of General David Petraeus.

As we saw in an earlier posting on Information Warfare, getting your message out is equally important as the message itself. The Left, which bemoans its apparent loss of power in recent decades has sold itself on defeating the Right, no matter the cost to peace and security. Liberals own most of the media, therefore, they control what message goes out. We may temporarily sway them to our side, such as this past summer when proof of success in the Surge became undeniable, but it would be better if we on the Right controlled the information, as long as we continue to embrace the principles of truth and reform as set by Ronald Reagan.

Like Clinton, who inspired so many to his cause, and continues to raise the ire of his adversaries, Giuliani more than any other candidate I've seen has those Reaganesque qualities of charisma and the ability to bring even his enemies to his side of the argument. In this new Information Age, we need a President who will take advantage of the new technology and bend it over to the side of justice and real change. To continue to allow the Regressive Left control of this prime weapon in the Age of Terror, is a disaster waiting to happen.