Wednesday, October 03, 2007


An F-22 Raptor drops a small diameter bomb from its weapons bay during a test mission Sept. 5 over Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. USAF Photo

Israel acknowledges airstrike on Syria.

F-22 Performs First Drop of Small Diameter Bomb.

US Army gets Bull Mine Resistant Vehicles.

Missile defense system is up and running, military says.

V-22 Osprey - Time fails the fairness test.

Soldier of the Future Gets His Gear On.

Release the Gunships! Part One.

Release the Gunships! Part Two.

US interceptors in Europe fast enough to hit Russian ICBMs.

Boeing Delivers First Production EA-18G Growler to US Navy.

New Hunter/Killer UAVs in the Works.

Cyberwar Spawns New Combat Aircraft.