Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A vintage P-47 Thunderbolt and an F-16 Fighting Falcon perform a heritage flight over San Antonio Oct. 11 as part of the 182nd Fighter Squadron's 60th anniversary celebration. USAF Photo

Future Heavy Bomber Loses Its Crew.

Time to Disband the Air Force.

Sayonara For F-22A Raptor?

A fighter conceived in the 1960s is still on the job.

Taiwan To Develop 'Blackout Bomb'.

Small Diameter Bomb a Dud with Troops

Army Orders Quick Deploy Mortar.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Looks Beyond Current War.

US Pilots See Higher-Tech Attacks from Iran.

When the Military Needs It Yesterday.

Europe sees first live intercept of ballistic missile.

Sweden Commits to Gripen's Future.

Pentagon orders 2,400 more MRAP armored trucks.

Land Warrior Makes Itself Useful.

Metal Storm Attracts Attention at US Army Show.

First LAV-A2 goes to US Marine Corps.

Russian Bombers on Exercises Over Arctic, Atlantic.