Saturday, October 27, 2007

On That Fake FEMA Press Conference

Glenn Reynolds says:

WITH ALL THE CAREERS BEING BUILT ON FAKE NEWS, I don't see why a fake press conference comes as any surprise, really . . . .

In the Colbert Administration, all press conferences will be done this way!

I was thinking the same thing! Great minds...

Update: I was listening to the Wall Street Journal Report on how the government is "feeding the flames" in a sense that they are so eager to bail out anyone who builds in a fire hazardous zone. The state governments and insurance companies won't pay for covering these accidents-waiting-to-happen but the far-off Feds, eager to look compassionate, are more than willing to take help them rebuild. So the cycle of burning and rebuilding continues, much like in New Orleans where they continue to build in hurricane strike zones or flood-intensive areas.

Also-Jerry Pournelle says we need a proper Civil Defense to handle these disasters rather than the hopelessly dysfunctional FEMA, and I tend to agree.