Saturday, October 27, 2007

Only Democrats Can Save Al Qaeda Now

And they're currently working overtime to obstruct the forces who are fighting and winning against the terrorist organization, according to Michael Franc:

“Showing apparent signs of concern over events in Iraq,” ABC News reported last week, Osama bin Laden warned his terrorist comrades that: “Your enemies are trying to break up the jihadi groups.” He implored them to “work in one united group.”

That’s good advice for our side. Yet House leaders at that time were pressing ahead with legislation that would dramatically hamper the ability of U.S. field commanders and intelligence officers to win the war in Iraq.

It’s a troubling move toward a time-consuming legalistic regime that would force military and intelligence leaders to cede some of their decision-making authority to government lawyers and federal judges.

To see such legal restrictions in action, consider a tragedy that occurred earlier this year. The New York Post reports that similar obstacles forced U.S. military commanders to delay a search-and-rescue mission for three U.S. servicemen taken hostage by terrorists last May.

Nor does it seem to bother Democrats in the least that earlier in the year Bin Laden and his cronies actually expected the Left to hand them Iraq on a silver platter, before Bush instigated his war-winning Surge under General David Petraeus.