Monday, October 22, 2007

The Party of the Guilthy Rich

"Guilthy" being a combination of "guilty" and "filthy". Victor Davis Hanson explains the stark change in the Democrat Party in recent decades:

We forget that a long time ago, Democrats were considered sort of tough, practical minded, a world away from the blueblood golf course crowd, receptacles of conservative values in a way the elite Republicans were not. That’s ancient history now....Among this new influential class, clustered in universities towns, and progressive cities like Seattle, the Bay Area, the southern California Coast, Boulder, New England, and the suburbs of Washington, hating George Bush, or assuming that Western industrial rapacity is heating up the planet for profits, or that Iraq is a war for Halliburton is all akin to having oak floors, leather furniture, a stainless steel, granite kitchen, a glass of white wine after work at a fern bar, or driving a Prius to campus—manifest symbols of taste, erudition, and culture. Championing social causes at a distance also provides the upscale a sort of psychological penance: e.g., something like ‘I wouldn’t dare live or tutor in East Palo Alto, but will play the radical at Stanford’s picturesque campus as spiritual recompense.’

The Dems came to power in the 1930's on the premise of caring for the "forgotten man". Today, they are rich elitist who are easily besting Republicans in fund raising. You think these campaign funds are coming from little old ladies and their husbands' pension checks? Hardly, but from radical activists groups like MoveOn, rich Hollywood and billionaires such as George Soros, and Unions. There also seems to be a lingering Chinese influence on the Party, helping to fuel the Clinton candidacy.