Friday, October 05, 2007

Rudy Vs. Hillary 2008?

Every time I get irked at some of Rudy Giuliani's social views, I think about 9/11 and then it all makes sense. Tom Bevan seems to agree:

So long as Clinton rides high and appears to be the "inevitable" nominee of her party, she will buoy Rudy's chances of winning the GOP nomination precisely because a square-off brings out all the qualities Republican voters find most attractive in Rudy: he's a tough guy, a fighter, and a reliable partisan on the most important issues of the day.

Nowhere was this displayed more fully than when Rudy jumped at the opportunity to mix it up with, the New York Times, and Hillary Clinton over the "General Betray Us" ad controversy. And when the counter attacks came from MoveOn, Rudy turned them into a badge of honor, reinforcing the very things Republicans like most about him.

I plan to actively campaigning for my chosen candidate here starting in January, but meanwhile this article my give you an inkling who my choice is!