Friday, October 19, 2007

Sea Links

V-22 Osprey tilt-roters are seen deployed on USS Wasp in the Persian Gulf. Photo sent to me my by John Burtis

Air Force naval armada all about the ammo.

South Africa Seeks Amphibious Ships.

South Africa Considers Buying Landing Ships.

HMS Illustrious in Demonstration of NATO Maritime Air Power.

North Carolina wants USS Kitty Hawk.

Sea Services Unveil New Maritime Strategy.

Read the Maritime Strategy (pdf).

U.S. Senator Calls for ‘Substantially’ Bigger Navy.

McCain lambastes DoD for force sizes, LCS.

Goodbye to Poland's Tarantul missile craft.

Moscow set to lease Akula N-sub to India.

Cyclone class gets renewed support.

Nation's First Littoral Combat Ship Demonstration.

Fury at Britain's shipbuilding plan.

USS Ohio to Deploy With New Weapons, a New Mission.