Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some Tough Love for Iran

Miscellaneous Concepts raises a valid point in that a quick war is often more humane than a long standoff:

...nation-states like Iran that sponsor international terrorism can never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. It is something that must be done. One thing I want everyone to consider is that a 72-hour air war with Iran will end all of these issues a lot faster, with less hardship to the Iranian citizens who are respected by the US. It's just their leadership that is that big problem. It is time for the world to grow up.

Sometimes war is better in the long-run, especially if it is done and over quickly and peace can be made afterwards.

I believe that international organizations like the UN often make wars worse by constant interventions and calls for ceasefire. Better to let the states fight it out and get it over with. Some examples of ongoing wars due to UN intervention is the 67 year old Korean War (with never a peace treaty signed) and the even older Israeli/Arab Conflict. Likely the agony Africa has endured since the end of Colonialism can be blamed as much on international interference as to their inaction.