Monday, October 08, 2007

The Surge: Phase 2

Haven't heard much on the Surge lately, which in itself is good news since the Media only reports the bad. Omar Fadhil brings us up to date on what Al Qaeda is up to:

For about a year al Qaeda has been trying to build a so called Islamic State in Iraq. On several occasions al Qaeda has even declared parts of Baghdad or other places in other provinces the capital of this Islamic State.

But now that they are losing one base after another, their objective seems to have changed from adding more towns and villages to the "state" to destroying the very same towns and villages. Obviously, it's all about making headlines regardless of the means to do that.

This change in plans began to take shape with the battle between al Qaeda and the joint forces on Sept. 6 and 7 in Hor Rijab and then the massacre that followed in the same spot a week later and finally the attacks on other villages north, south and east of Baghdad in the last week or so.

Actually first I'd like to recommend reading a good post by Jules Crittenden about the flawed timing of this "Little Tet".

The Little Tet article from last month is a good read. Al Qaeda has come up a day late and a dollar short.