Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Tale of A Two Stories

All over the Internet, and I heard it on Fox News earlier, is the fact that casualties in Iraq have dropped dramatically since last year. From the AP:

October is on course to record the second consecutive monthly decline in U.S. military and Iraqi civilian deaths, and U.S. commanders say they know why: the U.S. troop increase and an Iraqi groundswell against al Qaeda and Shiite militia extremists...As of Tuesday, the Pentagon reported 28 U.S. military deaths in October. The toll on U.S. troops hasn't been this low since March 2006, when 31 soldiers died. In September, 65 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq.

But how does the NY Times tell the tale?

"The news out of Iraq just keeps getting worse."

So what alternate reality are they reporting from? Sadly, one in which their stock is not tanking and Al Gore is President.

Hat tip to all you Milbloggers who have fought this good fight for a free blogosphere from the start.