Friday, November 02, 2007

Canada's Petraeus

A more accurate description of General Rick Hillier, Chief of Canada's Defence Staff, might be a slightly tougher version of America's General David Petraeus! But he seems to be in trouble with his government, according to this from the Globe and Mail:

The General got in hot water last week when he said that it would take about a decade before Afghanistan was able to field a professional military capable of taking over from foreign forces as guarantors of the country's security. He also said that Canada's European allies should take a bigger role in Afghanistan's beleaguered south.

That was too much for the government, which has given him his "marching orders."

This would be a loss for Canada, not known in recent times for producing notable military leaders:

Gen. Hillier has given the military its voice, a voice that needs to be heard. When he came along, the Armed Forces had just passed through one of the toughest periods in its history, a time of scandal and decline as funding dwindled.

Canada, Gen. Hiller said, had "disowned" its Armed Forces. With his outspoken leadership and unashamed advocacy of the military and its mission, he has helped put the oomph back in the Forces at a time they were facing their deadliest mission in half a century.

A Media that actually respects its top General! How unique is that? I reported on Gen. Hillier and his efforts at restoring Canada's defenses last year.

Here is the General's official bio.