Friday, November 02, 2007

Huffington Shoots Down "Fake But Accurate" Excuse

A common practice among liberal journalists of late has been to invent stories that support their preconceived biases. Hence we get stuff like Dan Rather's forged hitjob against President Bush's National Guard record, which led to the CBS newsman's eventual "early retirement", and the more recent and now discredited "Shock Troops" series by Scott Thomas Beauchamp at the New Republic. . Earlier this week I reported on a military article at the Huffington Post, titled The Military's Addiction to Oil by Barry Sanders, which was on the same line. The writer's preconceived notion was our armed forces uses too much oil, so he could bend the facts and still get his point across. But now the Liberal Huffington is distancing herself from this faulty logic:

Sanders offers a detailed explanation of how he arrived at his figures. We'll leave it to you to decide the persuasiveness of his explanation. For us, it confuses as much as it clarifies.

Mr. Sanders feels that the dispute over these details obscures the larger point of his argument. Maybe so, but we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of accuracy and transparency. Accordingly, we will not be running the remaining parts of his Green Zone series.

Kudos! I salute the editors for taking the high road and perhaps proving there's still hope for the MSM and a return to journalistic standards.

H/T to Michael Goldfarb at the Worldwide Standard.