Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Troops in Iraq get to test new Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected Vehicles at Camp Liberty in Western Baghdad on November 1st. Photo via MNF-Iraq

F-15 Crash could boost Raptor orders.

Air Force suspends some F-15 operations.

F-18s Filling in For F-15s Grounded in Afghanistan.

Civilians will take more military positions at Pentagon.

Britain develops unmanned bomber.

Hydrogen Powered UAV Breaks Record.

Pentagon: Our new robot army will be controlled by malware.

Strategic airlift on artificial life support.

First Flight of Tranche 2 Fitted Eurofighter.

Winner in DARPA Unmanned Race.

11 robotic cars to duke it out in DARPA Urban Challenge.

A New Age in Troop Protection.

Digital Armor for US Tanks.

Enola Gay pilot, General Paul Tibbets passes away.

The Next Revolution - Guided Projectiles.

US Plans Missiles and Munitions Sale to Israel

US Military Using Laser-guided Maverick.