Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A fully armed Reaper UAV taxis down an Afghanistan runway Nov. 4. It completed its first combat strike Oct. 27, when it fired a Hellfire missile over Deh Rawod, Afghanistan. USAF Photo

Lighter-Than-Air Vehicle Completes Successful Test Flights.

All US Military Components Meet, Exceed Recruiting Goals. (Murdoc has a chart)

Air Force to trade 50,000 personnel for new equipment.

Indian Army seeks next generation battle tank.

Fred Thompson calls for "million man army".

Brazil Ups Defense Budget by 50%, Goes Shopping for Fighters.

India steps up missile production.

Why the F-15s Were Grounded.

RAF's Reaper UAV Takes to the Air in Afghanistan.

UK's Future Troop Carrier Prepares for Take Off.

South Korea Develops Laser Weapons.

Europe's Declining Military Power.

New MRAPs to Resist Insurgent Super-bombs.

MRAP Production Bogged Down.

Army's Robotic, Armed Combat Vehicle Rolls Out.

Photo-Stealth Camouflage Technology Unveiled.

F-35 Dogfighting Skills Touted.

Aging planes, lost jobs worrisome for generals.

Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Jets.