Monday, November 05, 2007

Oprah takes the Fall for School Abuse

Oprah Winfrey takes an honorable stand over her latest South African girls school scandal. From Fox News:

"I have done nothing wrong ... I don't think as a school we failed the girls ... I have only done what I thought best to protect the children," Winfrey said at a press conference in South Africa Monday morning.

I have tremendous respect for Oprah for trying to make these young girls lives a little better, but I think these troubles come by trying to micromanage a charity from thousands of miles away. The UN does it, most of the Hollywood elite preaches it, and often Western governments do. All are unable to give such foreign aid the oversight needed to make our good intentions effective.

I think we can learn a lesson from the New Testament, and the Apostle Paul, who saw a need and left a potential career in a cushy synagogue to spread his new Christian faith to the masses. Paul traversed the Roman Empire, spreading the gospel by establishing new churches, and remaining with them long enough to see them well established. Reading his letters in the Bible, it is apparent that he was meticulous in following up and ensuring his congregations continued in his teachings.

Just a thought. Again, I respect all the top rated TV host has done to help others, but seeing as how Africa is so far away and she can't be in two places at once, maybe there's something in the saying "charity begins at home".