Saturday, November 03, 2007

Piling it on Hillary

No one seems to be taking my advice about not going after Hillary, at least in the mass wave, Western Front style tactics they're currently using. What they forget is the Clinton's thrive on conflict, and when they are under the Media knife, they tend to close ranks and ride out the storm. The Bosque Boys acknowledge this:

I think that those who are expecting Mrs. Clinton to fold like a house of cards at the first sign of trouble are reading her wrong. Hillary never craters. She never backs down. She never apologizes. She comes out swinging and plays through the pain, always pressing forward.

There must be a better, stealthier way, perhaps one not garnering them so much air time and publicity. Hillary's supporters will only draw closer to her when they feel she is being unfairly slandered. Anyway, good luck with the old Ken Starr strategy, but I feel the outcome will be a greater likelihood of us saying "Madame President" in 2008.