Friday, November 09, 2007

Sea Links

A Cheetah fighter jet buzzes destroyer USS Forrest Sherman off the coast of South Africa last month. US Navy Photo

Chinese public pushes for aircraft carriers.

Congress approves more submarine funding.

Training in the Royal Navy.

Navy donates battleship Wisconsin to Norfolk.

USS Patriot Prepares for Mine Threats.

Navy Cruiser Intercepts Two Ballistic Missiles for the First Time.

USN Sends BMD Cruiser to the Gulf.

Thompson Files: Navy procurement woes.

Building Invisible Submarines.

The Advantages of Expanding the Nuclear Navy.

US Navy Frees 5th Ship From Pirates.

New Missile Launcher Tested in Indiana.

Israeli Navy Nearly Doubles Fast Patrol Fleet.

USS Ohio Goes Looking For Trouble.

Protector Unmanned Gunboat

HMS Illustrious headed to the Gulf.

Admiral Calls For New Investment In Sub Force.

Norwegian Stealth Ships for USN.

Congress to boost funding for Navy shipbuilding.