Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Voices From the Front

I get ALL my Iraq War news from the Internet, which has helped sustain my hopes in even the darkest days of the conflict. Here's Matt Sanchez, recently back from the frontlines:

It's hard to explain the shock I got when I finally got into Iraq. Unlike what I had read in the newspapers, I didn't find demoralized troops complaining about a dangerous quagmire in Iraq, and believe me, I asked.

I found men and women who complained because they weren't allowed to leave the safety of big bases and meet Iraqis. I met Iraqis who trusted American troops more than they trusted their countrymen. I met Iraqi policemen who were risking their lives to fight religious fanatics.

Sure, there were problems, but I was shocked by how the reality of Iraq was so different from what I had read back home.

The Old Mainstream Media has failed the public in reporting current events. Basically there are just a propaganda wing that sustains modern liberalism, but until they start getting their facts straight, will become increasingly irrelevant in the Modern Information Age.