Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bush Winning Budget Battle

As we predicted here, earlier this month. This latest is from the Weekly Standard:

The Democrats continue their march toward complete President Bush.

Last night, the Senate passed a $70 billion Iraq and Afghanistan funding package--without any restrictions or timetables. The package is expected to pass in the House on Wednesday.

Fred Barnes analyzes the vote at the CAMPAIGN STANDARD, noting "the 70-vote approval of the war by the Senate represents the breathtaking dimension of [the Democratic party's] failure."

This present Party of Democrats doesn't have the courage to withhold funds from the troops, thank God! You can also judge the extent of the President's victory with the Surge in Iraq, by the refusal of Democratic candidates to even discuss the issue. I have to wonder, will the Left simply ignore this astounding achievement of American arms over the terrorists and their own attempts to sabotage the operation, thinking it will be forgotten in the future?