Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Democrats Seen Abandoning the Troops

I don't think they will, but it is a sad spectacle as a once great party is placating the radical Left over vital supplies for the US Armed Forces. From the Washington Times:

Despite the incredible progress made by our military — which has opened the door for real and sustainable political progress in Iraq — the Democratic leadership continues to insist that we de-fund the war and bring the troops home no matter what. Beholden to entrenched and noisy anti-war interest groups, the Democrat leadership in Washington seems willing to cut-off much needed funding, placing our brave troops in harms way...

In short, for the sake of placating MoveOn.org and other radical anti-war groups, the Democratic leadership is willing to lay off thousands of employees in America and under cut the incredible success of our troops in Iraq.

Sad, especially at Christmas time. While we here in the states are spending the Holidays with our loved ones, these selfless men and women are fighting and dying to keep us safe and free. Victory will still be their's however, but it could be counted as the Dem's success as well, if only they will release the necessary funds without precondition.