Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thoughts on the Bhutto Assassination

Benazir Bhutto died not because she was a threat to Musharraf, but because she was a secular female who spoke out against Radical Islam, all three traits alone which made her a target by extremists.

This is President Musharraf's Tet. The question is whether the bad guys will win this time or not. With Bhutto gone, he remains Pakistan's and the West's best hope in the country.

Presidential candidates are falling over themselves to use the assassination to tout their foreign policy experience, or their opponent's lack thereof. Since when though, did such experience matter in an election? Lincoln had little military experience, until later in the Civil War when he began appointing winning generals. JFK fumbled badly at the Bay of Pigs, but restored his legacy during the Cuban missile Crisis. Ronald Reagan was an actor for Pete's sake! But he went on to change the world.

Musharraf would have to be the dumbest post in the fence to pull off such an operation, knowing it would further decrease his already floundering popularity.

Likely an Al Qaeda operation, as we know how the terrorists thrive on inciting chaos and paranoia against legitimate governments. Don't give them the advantage!