Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top 5 News Stories from 2007

My own list from this year:

  1. The Surge-Could be considered one of the epic turnarounds of military and political fortunes in recent memory. After the catastrophic debacle of 9/11, Bush desperately wanted a counterattack worthy of the hurt done to the nation by Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda minions. Iraq would be the "Central Front" in the War on Terror, but in recent years, the outcome has hung by a slender thread, and likely gave anti-war Democrats control of Congress in 2006. Yet, a new general and a new strategy has dramatically and perhaps irreversibly changed the tide of the conflict, giving the US forces in Iraq a greater opportunity for victory, and President Bush a legacy worthy of any past commander in chiefs.
  2. Democrats failure to end the war in Iraq-This quote from the AP says it all. "It's a painful irony for Democrats: In the space of a year, the Iraq war that was the source of party's resurgence in Congress became the measure of its impotence."
  3. Resignations-From Karl Rove to Tony Blair, many of Bush's top allies seemed to be abandoning him this year. Then along came Sarko!
  4. France elects conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy-Possibly the nations most charismatic leader since Charles De Gaulle, and a friend of America to boot! Weary of too-lenient immigration laws and a floundering socialist economy, the French elected this tough talking free market advocate, to restore their nation's declining fortunes.
  5. The Jena 6- Six black students attacked a single white youth over a noose which hung from an "all white tree" ( a charge which later proved a hoax). The Media and Civil Rights leaders briefly expressed outrage, until the facts began to sink in, that an imaginary lynching wasn't as bad as an actual one.
Stories from this past year I could care less about were the latest antics of Rosie, Paris, and Brittany, and global warming.