Monday, January 28, 2008

Another casualty of the Iraq War

Arthur Chrenkoff says America has lost faith in Old Media reporting:

The future of Iraq is still uncertain, and one has to resist
the temptation to claim victory, in contrast to so many others who have been
declaring defeat virtually from the start. One thing is almost certain though:
however Iraq will turn up, the mainstream media has become one of the casualties
of that war. As
the recent study by the Sacred Heart University
has shown, less than 20% of Americans believe the media all or most of the time.
Specifically, the study found that

"Nearly three-quarters of all Americans surveyed, 70.7%,
indicated they strongly or somewhat agreed that negative media reporting damages
troop morale. Over half of all survey respondents, 59.8%, agreed (strongly or
somewhat) that negative media coverage damages prospects for success in Iraq
because it encourages terrorists, and about half, 49.1%, agreed (strongly or
somewhat) that things are likely going better for the U.S. than the U.S. media

The more reflective among the media professionals might
ponder on why they have become as trusted as a profession as used car

Much like the terrorists, they bet all on a US and Bush defeat in Saddam's old stronghold, and lost. The Democrats don't seem to be doing much better, distracted as they are with their own Civil War.