Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bhutto shames the West

Considering how most of the great Western countries, such as the US, Britain, Canada, and Australia and others are debating troops reductions within Iraq and Afghanistan, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto comes as a painful reminder of the dire need for our continued presence there in defense of democracy. We who enjoy the blessings of liberty in our peaceful and prosperous enclaves here, often seem reluctant to defend its proven cure-all for most of the world's ills, while thinking it too good for poorer and less stable nations overseas, such as Pakistan.

Then this courageous female comes alone to show us the error of our ways, who is willing to die for her beliefs which we have long taken for granted. The idea of a peaceful and prosperous Middle East seems a fantasy to us in the West, but to Bhutto, it was a concept worth giving her life for. She returned to her chaotic homeland knowing her safety was at risk, in the hopes that the her dream, and those of the much maligned Blair and Bush would finally come to fruition out of the ashes of the ongoing War on Terror.

It takes little courage for a Cindy Sheehan to blast President Bush's policies, since here in the US she would face little reprisals and in fact become an instant Media sensation. Bhutto, however, showed true courage when she spoke publicly against Radical Islam, then boldly taking her message of freedom and reform to the streets, despite warnings of impending assassination.

This is the message which I hope the West will take with them when considering if the Middle East is worth sending our troops to die: there are those fighting everyday for this very cause that we deem hopeless. A safe and peaceful Middle East means continued security for us at home.