Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bush's State of the Union

This was not by far the President's finest speech, but it didn't need to be, since he could look back on the entire year of 2007 for one success after the other, most notably the Surge into Iraq. I'd preferred that he started the SOTU trumpeting the great victory that has pushed Al Qaeda almost completely out of the country, and loosed the stranglehold the terrorists possessed on the population. It would have been outstanding to have General David Petraeus seated on the front row (if he could be spared from the war), showcasing one of the greatest feats of American arms in modern history.

Still, it wasn't bad. I'm sure he pandered to the crowd with talks of the stimulus package, though it is unlikely they will appreciate the favor. Notably, he did not gloat at the repeated failure of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to dictate to the White House terms of retreat from the Middle East. His plan to take on earmarks is very late and little enough, but welcome still. Lets hope this movement to control spending catches on and doesn't stop with the next administration.