Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The End of Al Qaeda in Iraq

Michael Yon reports from the front:

Major operations against al Qaeda have begun in northern Iraq. Al
Qaeda is in serious trouble. These are not ad hoc operations, but are
deliberate, systematic, well-planned and working. I’ve been watching this unfold
for months but have not reported due to sensitivity, but the real shooting has
started and Maliki has announced it. There is every indication that this series
of operations could be the death blow for al Qaeda in Iraq.

This is excellent news and maybe why Bush didn't hail this momentous event, due to security reasons. This is not only good news for our America and our troops, but for the entire Middle East. Our enemies, as well should take notice, especially the rebellious Iranians who have seen their intimidation tactics against our naval ships, do little to further their aims.