Sunday, January 06, 2008

Harper government plans "Canada First" strategy

Interesting development from the Great White North, on a soon to be released defense strategy, including a major arms buildup. From

The Harper government plans to release its long-awaited "Canada First" defence strategy early in the new year, hoping to put more emphasis on domestic roles such as an increased military presence in the Arctic and support for civilian agencies in the case of an emergency at home...

Government officials say a release in late January or February is being considered. Emphasis is expected to be placed on defence policies that highlight the military's domestic roles such as an increased presence in the Arctic, while still maintaining an important role in international missions.

And the rearmament list is impressive:

Those include the proposed or actual purchase of more than $20 billion in new military equipment such as Chinook helicopters, C-17 long-range heavy lift aircraft, Hercules transport planes, and trucks. In the summer Prime Minister Stephen Harper also released details about modernizing the Halifax-class frigates, purchasing new Arctic patrol ships and establishing a deep-water port in the Far North.

In addition, the government announced the purchase of modern Leopard tanks for use in Afghanistan and other areas. MacKay recently confirmed the government will also proceed with the purchase of replacement aircraft for the Aurora maritime patrol planes.

A sensible plan but highly expensive that fails to take advantage of the New Warfare, unfortunately. Rich Western nations are increasingly unable to afford such extravagance while still maintaining large welfare programs which are now demanded of them by an increasingly dependent and less free society. It begs to wonder whether the real threat may be incursions on Canada's arctic claims, or the Southern border, as illegals increasingly unwelcome here in the states, head for a more permissive new home up north.

Earlier, I listed a more affordable proposal for the rearming of medium size powers more relevant for precision age warfare.