Friday, January 18, 2008

Huckabee Defends SC Flag

Kudo's to the Governor! This is from Fox News:

Flanked by wrestler Ric” The Nature Boy” Flair, and
roundhouse-specialist Chuck Norris, GOP White House contender, Mike
Huckabee, took the old American flag adage of “Don’t Tread on Me”, and went a
step further when alluding to the SC controversy over the flying of the
confederate flag.
”South Carolina people know true conservatism when
they see it.You don’t like people outside the state telling you how you ought to
raise your kids, you don’t like people from outside the state telling you
what to do with the flag,” Huckabee said during a rally at a Myrtle beach
airport hangar. “In fact, if somebody came down to Arkansas and told us
what to do with our flag, we’d tell’em where to put the pole.”

Actually, I thought he was going to speak against the Flag, as John McCain once did. Get so tired of these carpetbag politicians who come down here to pander and score points only on election time. Well done, Mike!