Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iranians Plan "The Swarm" Against West

The Abu Muqawama blog links to another article examining Iranian Swarming naval tactics, something the USN should be mindful of when confronting the New Persians at sea:

Iranian naval swarming tactics focus on surprising and isolating the enemy’s forces and preventing their reinforcement or resupply, thereby shattering the enemy’s morale and will to fight. Iran has practiced both mass and dispersed swarming tactics....

To ensure that it can achieve surprise in the event of a crisis or war, Iran’s naval forces keep U.S. warships in the region under close visual, acoustic, and radar observation. The Iranian navy commander—Rear Adm. Sajad Kouchaki, one of the architects of the country’s naval doctrine—recently claimed that Iranian submarines continually monitor U.S. naval movements, frequently at close range, and have even passed underneath American aircraft carriers and other warships undetected.

The swarm tactics would be the modern equivalent of the Japanese Kamikaze aircraft strikes against the US carriers groups during the Pacific War of the 1940's. While individual cruise missile strikes have been very successful in forcing change on the design and deployment of USN ships in recent decades, such a mass attack might conceivably disrupt the entire American Expeditionary Strategy which we've come to base our superpower status on. (See my article, The Coming Armageddon at Sea)