Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mac is Back. Giuliani is Out

John McCain continues his victory Surge across the country, well on to win the Republican nomination. Very sorry that Rudy Giuliani has lost his bid for the White House:

Rudy Giuliani told supporters Wednesday he's abandoning his bid for
president and backing Republican rival and longtime friend John McCain.
Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican and adviser to Giuliani, said
the former mayor called him this morning to tell him of his plan.
"will be announcing his endorsement today," said King.

What became of Rudy? Of course, the Media consensus is his "Florida Strategy" of ignoring the small states and going for the larger delegate count, which thus placed him out of the limelight for several crucial weeks. There may be another cause, though.

Could it be success for the Iraq Surge, and the long years since 9/11 have made Americans more confident and less anxious over the Terror threat? This was Giuliani's strong point, and the principle reason yours truly threw his unwavering support towards America's Mayor. By no means do I consider the TWar on Terror over, and we let down our guard at our peril, but do think that Al Qaeda is currently on the defensive in Iraq and around the world. The lack of an attack on America's soil since 9/11 speaks for itself.

Good luck Rudy, and might we see a McCain/Giuliani ticket this fall? Talk about a dream team!