Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rudy's Strategy

Rudy Giuliani's campaign for President has been noticeably absent in the Iowa Caucus. All this is according to plan, he details in an email to National Review:

Our rivals seemingly have built campaigns based on the old calendars' strategies — a couple of very early state wins to propel them deeper in to the nomination process. To the contrary, our plan allocates time and resources to the many states which vote a bit later — on January 29 (Florida) and February 5...

If Mayor Giuliani wins even a minority share of the 78 delegates from pre Florida states, wins Florida's 57 delegates, wins the 201 available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware, and wins only a plurality of delegates from large February 5th states like California, Georgia and Illinois, he will have a commanding lead in delegates for the nomination with more than half of the delegates selected.

This might actually work. I am already soooooo sick of the nomination process and deluge of Media coverage, Rudy coming in late might be the breath of fresh air and new issues which is needed. This early campaigning is so taxing on the nerves!