Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soros Group Funds Iraq War Study

The usual suspects are attempting once again to disparge our troops' efforts in Iraq, and deny America's right of self defense against the terrorists. Here's the Conservative Voice:

The "Center for Public Integrity," a front group for
billionaire George Soros, has published another "study" intended to distract
attention from recent progress in Iraq. The study rehashes the old canard that
President Bush led the country to war under false pretenses...

The study claims that the Bush Administration issued false
statements about the security threat posed by Iraq. The study is absurdly
misleading, as are news reports discussing it.As noted at, "by
stopping the research at 2001, the story is set-up to misreport the facts. The
Clinton administration spent years warning the public of the threat of Saddam
and his WMD. They even bombed a pharmaceuticals factor in Sudan on the suspicion
that it was making WMD for both al Qaeda and Iraq. So the story either
unintentionally or by design left out years of context."

"Center for Public Integrity" sounds like "Honest John's Used Cars", and Honest George is once against selling the country a bill of goods. This so called "study" doesn't bear serious consideration.

More-Ed Morrissey writes:

Nowhere in these articles do either news organization bother to inform their
reader of the partisan nature of the CPI. Besides Soros, it gets financing from
the Streisand Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Los Angeles Times

Streisand eh? There's non-partisan for you. Sure.