Sunday, February 10, 2008

Branchville Wildfire

The town of Branchville is currently filled with a thick screen of smoke from a nearby field fire off Calhoun Road. Several hose trucks and heavy equipment such as bulldozers are currently battling the blaze as a fairly strong wind continues to fan the flames. I don't have much more details, but will post here ASAP, hoping we don't endure a California wildfire.

Update-5:25 PM.
My parents' neighbor is plowing up his field, which I think is a preventive measure against a brushfire. Smoke has dissipated somewhat which is a good sign. Monitoring the T & D website for the full story. No news yet.

More-6:31 PM. From WISTV "Over 100 fires burning throughout the state":

A spokesman for the state forestry
service says 106 fires raged Sunday throughout the
state, threatening dozens of homes.
Several of the fires have been contained,
but many have not...

The National Weather Services said Sunday the eastern half of
the state was under a red flag fire warning with winds gusting up to 30 mph and
low humidity.
The forestry service spokesman tells WIS News 10 those high
winds are a major contributing factor to the fires.

No mention of Orangeburg County, SC.