Saturday, February 02, 2008

How Soon We Forget

Robert Kagan on John McCain and the Surge:

Whatever people may think about his positions on this or that
issue, his role in that effort ought to be reason enough to be willing to
support him fully and enthusiastically in the general election, especially
against Democratic candidates who to this day call for immediate withdrawal from
Iraq. It may also be worth pointing out that the only reason Republicans have
any chance of winning in 2008 is because of the surge. Imagine a Republican
running this year as the American position in Iraq crumbled, with images of
defeat and slaughter on the TV every night, instead of signs of progress. People
might reflect a bit on these facts before entering upon a crusade against
someone who behaved with such high-minded political courage, at the apparent
expense of his electoral prospects, at a time when many others tried to

Winning the war and defeating Al Qaeda is the calling of this generation. John McCain will continue the good fight for freedom.

And Rachel Lucas:

Don't get excited. I don't like a lot of his record, particularly a
long list of quotes he's given about class warfare and taxes. I think he's nuts
to want the Gitmo population put into American prisons. YEAH RIGHT. I think he's
an asshole for things he's said and supported about gun shows.
And I donĂ¢€™t
even have enough curse words in my brain to communicate my opinions about
McCain-Feingold. Jesus on a muffin, that is some bad, bad
Seriously, people. Seriously. You'd rather have Hillary? You'd
rather have Obama?
I don't even know you.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.