Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Least Watched Oscar Night Ever

Some good news in the Culture War via the Liberty Film Festival:

"... the awards averaged a 10.7 rating among adults 18 to
49 and was seen by 32 million viewers. In the demo, that’s down a sharp 24% from
last year and the lowest on record..."

Hollywood spent all year pumping out dark, ugly,
poorly-crafted films that insulted America, Americans, and much of what we hold
dear, namely our servicemen and women. They’ve spent years insulting us
on-screen, in interviews, and yes, during the Oscar telecast. So, what did they
expect last night? You hate us, Hollywood. So, while you had your self-absorbed
little party we went on with our lives. We may just be a bunch of dumb hicks,
but wasting four-hours on pins and needles waiting for the cheap shot — well, if
you’ll pardon the quaint expression, a hog has more sense.

Aaaahhh...Revenge is sweet, especially when it hits them in the pocket book!

Update-Another reason to praise Hollywood's demise: "The hot fashion accessory [at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony] was apparently orange ribbons and bracelets in solidarity with terrorist suspects in Guantanamo..." (photo at link)