Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Petraeus for McCain VP

This is a silly notion that keeps cropping up, especially with the Iraq War barely won. He must also stay within the region for the near future to ensure his reforms have staying power. Still, I like this comment from Tim Hames at the Times Online:

America has a long tradition of looking to military leaders in
times of turmoil. This has stretched through Washington to Grant to Eisenhower
and might have placed Colin Powell in the Oval Office in 1996 if he had been
prepared to stand. General Petraeus, who holds a doctorate from Princeton
University, is the greatest military thinker of his generation. He has managed
to take a vast army that was effective at conventional fighting but close to
useless when confronted with a guerrilla enemy and turn it into an organization
that can today do counter-insurgency superbly. This is an achievement that makes
turning a supertanker around on the high seas during inclement weather look as
easy as clicking one's fingers. General Petraeus is a genius.

Good idea. Poor timing. Maybe in the next decade?