Friday, February 29, 2008

Poll: Increasing public optimism about Iraq

Via the Small Wars Journal, and the Pew Research Center, growing faith in the war effort:

The number of Americans who say the military effort is going very
or fairly well is much higher now than a year ago (48% vs. 30% in February
2007). There has been a smaller positive change in the number who believe that
the U.S. will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals (now 53%, up from 47% in
February 2007).
Opinion on the critical question of whether the U.S. should
keep troops in Iraq is now about evenly divided, the first time this has
happened since late 2006. About half of those surveyed (49%) say they favor
bringing troops home as soon as possible, but most of these (33%) favor gradual
withdrawal over the next year or two, rather than immediate withdrawal.

This bears out what I mentioned earlier, and was picked up by the Post and Courier blog, that Americans still have faith in the noble deeds of our troops. McCain might just benefit from the surge in support, as he has in the past.

Here is the entire poll from Pew in pdf.