Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Satellite Shooter is Navy Missile Ace!

The USS Lake Erie, unlike what's being reported in the Media, is tested and ready to go. More info from the Star Bulletin:

The USS Lake Erie has been able to hit a drone missile nine out of
11 tries. In its most recent attempt in November, the Navy warship fired two
missiles and intercepted two drones. There will be three ships involved in the
operation, Navy officials told CNN. The Lake Erie, which has been involved in
the Pentagon's missile defense testing program off Barking Sands, Kauai, since
2002, will fire the SM-3 missiles, while trajectory information will come from a
second ship. The third ship will serve as backup, Navy officials said.

The Navy has numerous recent success with its BMD program:

For the past six years, the Pacific Missile Range Facility off
Kauai has been the test site for Navy's ballistic defense system. Drone missiles
are fired from Barking Sands and intercepted at sea by SM-3 missiles launched
from Navy warships equipped with the Aegis defense system.
There have been
12 missile intercepts in 14 attempts since 2002.

Thats a pretty good record, while the USAF's THAAD program suffers from numerous failures. The Navy is sending a message that it can do the required mission.