Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Talk Radio Joins the Defeatocrats

Its now called McCain Derangement Syndrome. Here's Rush Limbaugh's comment on the Democrat Presidential candidates, via the Weekly Standard:

"They (Hillary and Obama) are not going to surrender the country to
Islamic radicalism or the war in Iraq. They are not going to do that to
themselves, despite what their base says. The idea that we've only got one
person in this whole roster of candidates, either party, who is willing to take
on the war on terror is frankly, absurd".

And the WS Editor Michael Goldfarb's comments:

Has Rush been paying attention to what the Democratic Congress
tried to do to the war effort this year--and the role McCain played in stopping
it? Is he unaware that right now Clinton and Obama are one-upping each other in
a game of who could surrender first? That both would withdraw American troops
regardless of the recommendations of General Petraeus, regardless of whether we
are winning or losing, regardless--in short--of reality? Or is he willing to
take the risk that either Clinton and Obama, upon assuming the office, will
suddenly settle on a responsible approach to Iraq when they've each been so
breathtakingly irresponsible in the past?

It is scary that the Far Right has become disenchanted with the war effort. You could see it in the 2006 elections when too much spending by the Republican Congress and Immigration suddenly became an issue, (all valid complaints, but what awful timing!) with the Talk Show hosts unconsciously campaigning for the Democrats. And guess what? It worked! We now have Peolisi and company with the worse poll numbers of any Congress in history.

It is also heart-breaking, because Rush and many others on the AM Dial have been a source of encouragement to me for some of the darkest days of the ongoing war against Al Qaeda. Now I can no longer bear to listen to their anti-McCain rants.