Sunday, March 16, 2008

Branchville Devastation

What's left of the old Churn, a town icon.

The Branch Junction, sight of many mock gunfights during Raylrode Daze Festival.

A side view of the crumbling town hall.

Another view of what's left of Branchville Town Hall and Police Station.

The old High School Gym.

As far as I know, there were no casualties. The twister passed through about 7:25 PM Saturday, which was when our clocks stopped. A friend who works in the Neal Ott Grocery said she ducked down behind some racks, while other workers took shelter in the meat coolers.

The damage was confined to a narrow strip, as there was little destruction on either side of town. My parents had almost no limbs down in their yard, though there was wind and rain. Power stayed out until about 4:00 AM Sunday, and blinked off an on until 9:30, until it remained on.

Police aren't allowing anyone near the damage area, though HWYs 21 and 78 are open to traffic. Most of the pictures I took were taken from the car. My own opinion of the storm and the aftermath:

It was the darkest night Branchville ever saw.