Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Iraq Grandstanding Won't Save Iran Dictator

After President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent media circus to Iraq, Strategypage points to the anarchy that is internal Iran:

In poor neighborhoods, drug addiction and unemployment supply a
growing number of gangs with ruthless and brutal recruits. The police respond
with public whippings and up to ten executions a day. So far this year, 48 have
been executed, compared to 298 for all of last year. Opium and heroin continues
to come in from Afghanistan, feeding millions of addicts. The war against the
drug smugglers on the Afghan border leaves hundreds dead and wounded each year,
as it has for a decade. The Afghan gangs have found it easier to bribe the
border police, forcing the government to send more of its "Revolutionary Guards"
(Islamic radicals forming a palace guard for the clerics running the country) to
deal with the corrupt police as well as the well armed smugglers.

Meanwhile, police continue to expend a lot of effort on terrorizing the
middle and upper class neighborhoods in the cities. Merchants, professionals and
corrupt government officials still live pretty well, and their kids like to
dress up. The Islamic lifestyle police are running into public resistance while
enforcing conservative dress codes. Women, in particular, are getting more vocal
in protesting the chador clad female police trying to haul them away for some
clothing infraction [

I was disgusted at an AP report that compared the relatively peaceful visit of Ahmadinejad's visit, to the intense security required when President Bush arrives in country. Of course an Iranian would have little to fear from another terrorist, like the proverb says "Satan can't cast out Satan".